Full Accounting

What is full accounting?

Full accounting is the comprehensive management of a company’s finances that provides accurate and transparent information about its financial health. At S&P Accounting, we understand that for many businesses this is not only a choice, but also a regulatory obligation.

Advantages of full accounting:

  • Accurate records of revenues and expenses so that potential liquidity problems can be identified.

  • Ability to document every financial transaction which is essential when dealing with the authorities.

  • Facilitation of the assessment of the company’s financial health and support of strategic decision-making.

Challenges associated with full accounting:

  • Costs associated with full accounting can be higher than for simplified forms of accounting.

  • The need to comply with multiple regulations on the structure and content of the accounts.
  • When is full accounting required?

    The obligation to keep full accounting applies, among others, to commercial companies and partnerships, banking institutions, local government units and entities benefiting from subsidies. At S&P Accounting, we also assist those who voluntarily choose this form of accounting, seeing it as beneficial to their business.
  • How do we keep full accounting at S&P Accounting?

    Our experienced team takes care of recording all business transactions, from transfers between warehouses to changes in share capital. We produce regular summaries and reports to help our clients understand the financial position of their businesses.
  • Why should you choose full accounting?

    For those who are not obliged to keep full accounts, it is an option that allows you to keep a closer eye on your company’s finances. At S&P Accounting, we offer support at every stage of bookkeeping, helping our clients to optimise their finances.


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