of Companies

At S&P Accounting, we offer support at every stage of incorporating limited liability companies.

Our offer is comprehensive, including both substantive advisory service and assistance with formal issues.

We assist in the preparation of documentation for various types of companies:

  • Limited liability company,

  • Limited partnership,

  • General partnership,

  • Joint stock company.

Our approach is not limited to the preparation of documents.

A key element of our service is an individual consultation, during which we discuss your needs and advise you on which form of company will be most beneficial.

Each meeting is attended by an experienced lawyer who shares his knowledge and experience.

By cooperating with us, you gain:

  1. Professional advice at every stage of the process.

  2. Save time thanks to our assistance with document preparation and paperwork.

  3. Confidence that all legal issues are handled correctly.

How we incorporate companies step by step

  1. Analysis of your venture and advice on choosing the right legal form of company.

  2. Preparation of the necessary documentation, including the articles of association.

  3. Assistance with company registration, including liaison with the court of registration.

  4. Advice on the continued operation of the company, including accounting and tax obligations.

  5. Post-registration support – advice on running the business, possible changes to the company structure or expansion of the business.

Benefits of incorporating a company with S&P Accounting

Incorporating a company can seem complicated due to the numerous formalities and legal requirements.

However, with our help, the process becomes simple and transparent.

 Why is it worth incorporating a company with S&P Accounting?

Incorporating a company is an important step for any entrepreneur.

By working with us you can focus on developing your business while we take care of all the formalities.

Our experience and professionalism guarantee that the whole process will run smoothly and without problems.

If you are planning to incorporate a company, contact us.

As the Polish nationwide accounting firm, we are ready to help you with your business plan!

With us, bookkeeping becomes easy! Contact us now.

We invite you to cooperate with S&P Accounting – your partner in accounting and taxes. Contact us and you will see how easy and enjoyable it can be to run your own business with professional support!

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